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The director of EFIK serves as the head of the institution for the entire school, from preschool to secondary. She is part-time in a teaching position and part-time in her role as director.

Above all, her responsibilities are pedagogical :

  • Organizing and overseeing the school’s operations

  • Chairing the council of teachers

  • Coordinating the teaching staff

  • Ensuring regular training for the teaching staff

  • Promoting educational innovations

  • Leading the development of the school project

  • Fostering the necessary links for continuous learning

She ensures the smooth running of the school :

  • Responsible for the organization and operation of the school

  • Presides over the council of masters

  • Coordinates the teaching staff

  • Oversees the implementation of regular training for the teaching staff

She is responsible for the safety of the school and the children :

  • Organizes safety exercises, including specific safety plans for risks like fire and earthquakes

  • Contributes to the protection of children by collaborating with relevant services

  • Identifies situations of students in danger or at risk and organizes discussions among the educational team

Always in close collaboration with parents and school partners :

  • Works closely with members of the management committee, local elected officials, the embassy, AEFE managers, Alliance Française, and partner schools

  • Organizes parent-teacher elections

  • Maintains communication with families

  • Facilitates and promotes parental participation in educational activities

The director is appointed and remunerated by the AEFE and ensures compliance with approved educational standards, working in close collaboration with the governing body.

governance school


The Parents’ Association comprises the parents of all children enrolled at EFIK. It is the legal entity that enters into the agreement signed with the AEFE.

Each year, all parents who are part of the association gather at a General Assembly at the beginning of the school year to elect 6 parents who will form the association’s executive committee. These 6 members of the executive committee also hold ex-officio positions on the Management Committee.


EFIK is governed by the Management Committee, which sits as soon as its members are elected.
The Management Committee includes :

Board members with voting rights

Elected to the office:

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

  • Three further parent representatives

Ex officio members with consultative voice

  • Head of the diplomatic post or their representative
  • Consul of France
  • Director

  • A teacher representative

The Management Committee takes all decisions necessary for the proper governance : administrative, financial, material and staff functioning of the school 

  • Sets each year the amounts of tuition fees and ensures their collection through the treasurer

  • Approves the appointment of staff governed by local law on the recommendation of the head of the establishment

  • Prepares any amendments to the statutes and submits them to the General Assembly


The Governing Board includes:

Members sitting with deliberative title

  • Head of the diplomatic post or his representative
  • Director
  • Teachers
  • Elected representatives of the parents of pupils in number equal to the number of classes
  • Elected representatives of the student delegates

Ex officio members with consultative voice

  • French consul or his representative
  • Consular advisers of the district concerned
  • Two representatives of the Management Board
  • Delegated coordinator of the AEFE management

The School Board, convened in regular sessions initiated by the management, at least once every quarter, addresses matters and inquiries pertaining to the School’s operation and life : 

  • School rules

  • School calendar

  • School rhythms

  • Schedules

  • School project

  • Discovery classes

  • Questions relating to the reception and information of parents of pupils

  • The annual action program against all forms of violence, discrimination, harassment

  • The continuous staff training plan


As a symbol of excellence, the AEFE offers students of all nationalities the opportunity to receive an education in line with the curriculum of the French national education system. This is made possible through rigorous teaching methods that are globally recognized and uphold universal values, including :

  • Tolerance
  • Humanism
  • Equal opportunities
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Promotion of critical thinking


The Ministry of National Education and Youth grants approval, ensuring that our teaching complies with the requirements, curriculum, educational objectives, and organizational standards of the French education system. We are certified for kindergarten and primary classes, while secondary school classes are currently organized through the National Center for Distance Education (CNED).


  • Educating French students as well as students from host countries and third countries
  • Providing education in the French language
  • Promoting the French language and culture
  • Fostering cooperation between French and foreign institutions
  • Teaching the language of the host country
  • Advocating for multilingualism
  • Offering comprehensive language learning programs

Building a school dedicated to the success of all

Empower students to become responsible global citizens in alignment with shared principles and values.