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EFIK – Vision and Mission

A unique and excellent French education, open to students of all nationalities.

1. efik A French Education

EFIK provides education in the French language and follows a French-style educational curriculum.

Students benefit from a high quality and an internationally recognized educational program.

What is a French education?
A methodology based on:
  • play and manipulation of objects
  • progressive reinforcement of language
  • the development of critical thinking
Through :
  • respect for the rhythms of the child
  • guidance of pupils with CNED

  • individualized support

2. efik A Family School

At EFIK, we prioritize the family school model, taking into account the needs of both students and their families. 

Pedagogical approach tailored to the specific requirements of our students.

EFIK serves as a unique meeting place, bridging students, parents and teachers from diverse cultures. We foster a sense of community, promoting shared values and principles such as liberty, equality, and fraternity. These values are an integral part of our students’ educational journey, demonstrated through :

  • Class representative councils

  • Literary discussions at our weekly ‘literary café’ in the College

  • Special subjects, including Moral and Civic Education from Cycle 3.

3. A multilingual and multicultural school

We are aware of the linguistic challenges in our modern societies, which is why we offer multilingual education. This commitment, in turn, fosters a rich multicultural environment at EFIK.

Our ambition is to enable children to communicate in all the languages taught at EFIK.

Learning several languages promotes openness to others and respect for differences, principles that we promote through exchange and sharing.

French and English are the main languages at EFIK, and Nepali follows closely. A satisfactory level of competence is gradually acquired in the two main languages through lessons and communication between students.

Simultaneous learning of several languages facilitates the development of cognitive abilities : abstract thinking, flexibility, and different mental abilities (for example, problem-solving) significantly improve, while memory, creativity, and originality are reinforced.

To help your child in the learning process, we offer additional reinforcement activities in the required language if necessary:

  • class representative councils ???

  • reading of literary works: literary café at the College every Wednesday ??

  • certain subjects taught: Moral and civic education from cycle 3 ??????

EFIK french school Kathmandu

We also consider learning and development through cultural, artistic, technical, scientific, literary and sporting activities.