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Advantages for Nepalese

4 advantages to study at our international school, Kathmandu, Nepal


Care from 2 years old

At the International French School of Kathmandu, Nepal, we welcome students from the very small kindergarten section to high school. This enables children to benefit from continuous monitoring of their education until they enter university. Moreover, by enrolling them from the age of 2, we promote the development of their sociability and relational skills. Our programs specially designed for this age group encourage learning through play, offering each child the opportunity to thrive in a stimulating and caring environment.

This flexible approach enables each family to strike a balance between school and time spent at home, fostering a well-rounded development for the child in their early years.
To meet the needs and preferences of parents, our school offers two enrollment options:
  • Children can be admitted full-time five days a week for complete immersion in the educational environment.


  • Five half-days for a gradual transition to the school setting, allowing parents to determine the pace that best suits their child.

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Multilingual Environment from an Early Age

EFIK in Nepal provides a multilingual environment. Our students have the opportunity to learn and master French, English, and Nepali from a young age, which is a real asset for their academic and professional future. In middle school, Nepali gives way to study Spanish or German.

Early language learning promotes lasting mastery and opens multiple opportunities for students. This linguistic skill facilitates easy integration into multicultural environments and success in diverse international professional settings. Proficiency in multiple languages has become crucial in numerous careers, offering extensive educational and professional advantages.


Obtaining the Baccalauréat

The International French School of Kathmandu actively prepares students to obtain the Baccalauréat, a globally recognized diploma. This certification opens doors to the best universities worldwide, providing our students with privileged access to high-quality higher education and diverse academic and professional advantages.


Accessibility to a French Study Visa

Thanks to obtaining the Baccalauréat within our establishment, students benefit from a unique opportunity:
  • Simplified access to study visas to pursue higher education in renowned French-speaking institutions.

  • This ease of access to Francophone higher education significantly broadens the academic and professional horizons of our graduates.