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EFIK  History

This school was the result of the efforts made by parents and teachers to rent the premises, furnish them with furniture, paint, and arrange the garden, among other things.

EFIK history began in 1988,

a dozen parents of various nationalities embarked on the creation of a small nursery school accompanied by two teachers, one French and the other English-speaking. At the time, the children of the families in question only needed to be educated in kindergarten. As a result, in the fall of 1989 this school was born in the Gairedhara district, in Kathmandu, under the name of “Badaboum” (like the games of collapsing cubes).

This school was the fruit of the efforts of parents and teachers to rent a place, equip it with furniture, paint, lay out the garden, etc.

The languages of communication with the children were French, English and Nepali. Ram, our current kindergarten assistant, had joined the project already at the time of this foundation!

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efik history

At some point, the school had to evolve. The children were growing up and reached the age to enter CP and at the same time, new families wanted to join Badaboum by registering their children into primary school.

The Parents’ Assembly therefore entrusted two parents with a task that was to change the course of events for our school: to solicit the support of the French National Education authority in order to be able to deliver official education, in accordance with French programs.

Thus, Badaboum obtained the green light from the French capital to launch a small French school in Nepal, but had to change its name.

In its time, the fifteen or so parents concerned identified the ideal place, where we are to this day, and equipped it with the necessary educational material.

In this way, the start of the school year in September 1990 was marked by the arrival of the first Director and teacher from France, Isabelle Marlinge.

The school was now managed by the Director in collaboration with the Parents’ Assembly. The latter wanted to keep the use of the three initial languages (French, English, Nepali) during the schooling of the children considering the very diverse origins of the families.

With only twenty students divided between kindergarten and primary school, the French International School of Kathmandu, also known as EFIK, opened its doors to new opportunities and experiences.

More than thirty years later, our school continues to develop, always striving for new possibilities in the interest of our children and according to the context in which it finds itself.

History of EFIK continues…