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Director’s message

Dear Parent,

As the director of EFIK, by this message, I extend a warm welcome to our school and our community.

By having your child attend the French International School of Kathmandu (EFIK), you are connecting them to the extensive network of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), which encompasses 580 schools in 139 countries. This network offers education accredited by the French Ministry of National Education, ensuring that our curriculum aligns with the requirements, programs, and educational goals of the French educational system.

At EFIK, our dedicated French-speaking teachers, with solid professional training, provide demanding and nurturing education. Our focus is on fostering critical thinking and instilling the values of equality, freedom, and fraternity, which manifest in various aspects of school life, such as our class delegate council.

We are also committed to embracing the culture and richness of our host country, Nepal. It is our mission to introduce students to Nepali culture, both in our academic curriculum and through extracurricular activities offered throughout the year.

EFIK offers a diverse linguistic program, ensuring that your child becomes globally proficient. While French remains the primary language of instruction, English, Nepali, and Spanish are also widely spoken within the school.

We are proud to announce that EFIK now provides support for students through their baccalaureate, enabling them to access renowned universities in France and around the world.

The Management Committee, our dedicated teaching team, and I are committed to continuous development and ensuring the delivery of high-quality education. May this new school year be one of achievement and success for each of our students and staff.

The Director
Emmanuelle LOBEZ