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Admission Process


Find out more about admission

Find out about the school programs offered by the school with AEFE, admission requirements, tuition fees and the documents required for registration.

  • the registration form
  • school rules
  • a copy of the child’s identity document, with visa
  • a copy of the identity documents of the legal guardians
  • birth certificate or family record book
  • 4 passport photos of the student
  • medical certificate of aptitude for schooling
  • authorization for a third party to pick up my child
  • letter from employer attesting to payment of tuition fees, if applicable
  • the certificate of cancellation from the previous school, if applicable
  • school reports from previous years, if applicable


Contact the school administration

Contact the school administration to obtain the documents required to compile the registration file and request additional information if necessary

admission process school kathmandu


Meet the school administration

  • visit the school
  • share your motivations
  • get to know you and your child
  • answer any questions directly

  • confirm your child’s registration


Compile the registration file and send us all the

requested documents


Issuance of a school certificate confirming and attesting to the registration of your child