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Choosing a school for your child is an important step for parents. How EFIK can meet your expectations, ease your apprehensions, help you make a decision. These are four good reasons (among many others):


A worldwide network of French schools

EFIK is present in Kathmandu since 30 years. The only French school in Nepal, EFIK is not isolated because it is part of the AEFE network, which has 342,000 pupils in approximately 500 schools around the world. Our school is certified and respects the official French curriculum.
To enroll your child at EFIK is to be fully integrated into the official French education system.


A family school

EFIK is a small school that keeps a family spirit. The school accepts children from two years old and up to the college (CNED version). In a verdant setting far from noise pollution, we ensure the development of our pupils and their health (our rooms are equipped with air purifiers to reduce significantly the level of pollution).
Our model remains that of a family school that takes into account the needs of students and their parents.


A French education

EFIK offers education in French but also French style education. Respect for the rhythms of the child, quality of teaching, individualized support and openness to the world are major priorities of our school. The pedagogical team and, more generally, all the employees of the school have no other aim than to see every child progress in all areas.


A Multilingual Education

EFIK is characterized by its multilingual teaching. With French, English and Nepali are taught from an early age. Aware of the linguistic stakes in our modern societies, the school offers courses in science, mathematics, geography, sport ... in English and an initiation to Nepali.

Coming to EFIK means choosing to combine excellence and conviviality, ambition and tolerance, success and sharing.

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The school premises

The school is located in the North of Kathmandu, in the quiet area of Lazimpat. The school is composed by two buildings : an old Rana house which constitutes the main body; and a second wing, dedicated to kindergarten. Nepal is a country with high seismic risk. Our buildings take into account this risk. Therefore, the structure of the main building was reinforced in 2011, while the second building, constructed the same year, was made out of earthquake proof materials.

In total, nine classrooms, two large playgrounds, a kitchen, a laboratory, a lounge space for secondary students, a veranda and various spaces for workshops constitute the learning and development environment of our students. Within the library room, the school has more than 3500 books in French and English. Games and sport equipment (sandbox, balloons, bikes, etc.) are also available for our students.


Ecole Française Internationale de Katmandou
Po Box 452, Lazimpat
Kathmandu - NEPAL
Tel: +(977-1) 400 16 73
WhatsApp : + 977 982 33 57 144

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