To enroll your child at International French School of Kathmandu is a big decision ! This is why we help you by proposing you some questions/answers. We hope that you will find useful information. If you have still any questions, please kindly contact us via the contact form on this website or by phone.


Why enrol your child in the school ?

International French School of Kathmandu offers the best education facilities and multilingual French-English-Nepali education for children from kindergarten (from 2 years old) to secondary (from Grade 6 to Grade 9). ). This multilingual education system makes EFIK unique among international schools established in Kathmandu.

A school with a human dimension, EFIK ensures that all its pupils progress at their own pace, respecting the French curriculum. As EFIK is part of the network of French schools abroad (AEFE) with more than 500 lycées all over the world, students are prepared to follow an official French curriculum giving them access to French and foreign universities.

Who composed the team ?

The teaching team is composed of French, Nepalese and British citizen. Our teaching staff has extended experience within the French education system and/or other systems. Some of our teachers have already worked in the French school abroad network (AEFE). Several members of the current team have worked since many years at EFIK.

The kindergarten class has two pedagogical assistants. They give steady support to the Kindergarten teachers in the class and not only (handling children’s hygiene, nap time, etc.).

How to contact the school ?

For all questions related to registration or administrative issues, do not hesitate to email us at contact@efiktm.com or call us at (+977-1) 400 16 73.

How to find us ?

International French School of Kathmandu is located inside the city of Kathmandu, in Lazimpat area. On Lazimpat Road, just before the Shangri-La Hotel, take a street on the right to join a small trail road that leads to the school.

Is the school opened during summer holidays ?

School is closed during Summer break (beginning of July – End of August). Administrative office will resume the last week of August.

How do I enrol my child in the school ? What is the registration process ?

If you are interested in enrolling your child at EFIK, please download the enrolment form on our website (section “Registration”) and to send us back these files to the administrative office of the school. You can also directly contact the administration by phone or by email in order to receive the registration folder. An interview with the direction of the school will be offered. Admission to the classes is limited in number.

The finalization of the registration takes place during the payment of the application fees, the security deposit, the entrance fee and the annual school fees. After the payment of these fees, the school will deliver you a certificate of registration.

How to pay tuition fees ?

During registration, the school accountant will provide two invoices : the first one for the application fee, the second one for the registration fee and guarantee deposit. Once payment finalised, EFIK administration will provide registration certificate.

During the school year, annual tuition fees and potential transportation or canteen fees will be provided to parents on a quarterly basis. The school accountant provides receipt for each payment.

All the above mentioned fees can be paid in Nepalese rupees or euros, in cheque or bank transfer.

My child is not a French speaker but I would like to register him/her in the school. Is it possible ?

EFIK accepts non-French-speaking students. The school may propose specific courses of French as a Foreign Language (FLE) which allows children a linguistic upgrade and to be better integrated in the French education system.

My child is about to enter in middle/high school. What are the options to continue his/her education ?

The International French School of Kathmandu also provides classes to Secondary level’s students : in Middle School (from Grade 6 to 9) and in High School (from grade 10 to 12).

In both Middle and High School, EFIK offers a rigorous education following the French National Curriculum established by the French Ministry of Education through the course materials of the CNED (Centre National d’Enseignement à Distance – National Center for Distance Education).

Students are supervised by teachers who guide and help them all year in the classrooms in a personalized pedagogy, adapted to the rhythms and needs of each student.

My child would like to participate to an Extra-curricular activities, how can we register him/her ?

At the beginning of each term, our team proposes a large choice of activities, both in French and English. All parents receive a registration form for these Extra-Curricular Activities (AES), and they will be noticed of the activity groups once registration finalized.

School accountant will provide each term invoices for the activity.

ATTENTION: Every registration is final and full fees are required for the whole term.

How the school bus service works ?

The school has two minibuses (capacity of 13 seats). This service is made available to families to the extent that it remains economically viable, the journey reasonable and the conditions of safety guaranteed. The journey, the bus stops and the pick-up times are determined by the school, taking into account the specific constraints of the families. All this information is regularly updated and communicated to the families before any change of route, schedule, etc.
Our drivers are constantly accompanied by an assistant who ensures daily communication with the persons in charge of the child.
Find more information in the section Student Transport of this website.

How the canteen service works ?

Find more information in the Canteen section of this website.

I would like to settle in Nepal. Is the country adequate to accommodate my children ?

Nepal and its capital Kathmandu offer an environment that is perfectly suited to children of all ages. With various clubs offering sporting and artistic activities, swimming pools, modern hospitals and supermarkets, Kathmandu lives in its time and your children will have no trouble to make friends and find their place here.

What to do if my child is injured or gets sick at school ?

The school has a pharmacy and all staff are trained every year in first aid. Our buses also have a pharmacy, and the staff follows the same annual training as the rest of the team.

Thus, if a child is injured within the institution, it can be quickly taken care of. During registration, parents may give permission to the school to direct the child to the nearest hospital for a more serious injury. They may also pre-identify a hospital of their choice for such situations.
If the child feels pain during school hours and his or her condition prevents him/her from continuing the course, the secretariat will notify the parents immediately so that they can come at school.

In view of the high level of pollution in Kathmandu, what measures are implemented by EFIK?

Since February 2017, EFIK has equipped each classroom with air purifiers.These purifiers reduce the level of fine particles (PM2.5) with HEPA filters (certified by European Union). They are activated every morning before the opening of the school. When classes begin, students and teachers can enjoy clean and safe air.

Nepal is an area prone to earthquakes, what are the safety standards of the school ?

In 2011, EFIK carried out an earthquake-proofing of the main building. Built in the same year, the kindergarten building was designed to withstand an earthquake. Anti-seismic alarms have been placed within the establishment to ensure the safety of all.

A special safety plan (PPMS) can be consulted at EFIK. Staff and children are trained several times a year to respond to earthquake alarms, to take shelter and evacuate the premises.

Stocks of food, water, medicines and other equipment are set up to deal with any emergency situation.

What are the safety measures in case of fire ?

EFIK has fire alarms and fire extinguishers that are checked every year. Staff and children are trained several times a year to respond to the signal, evacuate the premises and use fire extinguishers.

What are the safety measures in case of political unrest ?

EFIK is informed daily by the French Embassy in Nepal of political disturbances or major strikes (bandhas). Families are then informed of the closure of the school on time. On decision from the French Ambassador in Nepal, the school may be temporarily closed.  Phone trees allow to contact all families in a minimum of time.

The school manager decides on the release of school buses. They only take the road if the safety conditions are ensured on the way. Everything is planned within the establishment to welcome the children if they had to wait for a more favorable time to return home.


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